How to Build a Chicken Coop

As much as you have a roof over your head, it is only fair your chicken too has a roof over its head. Your chicken needs an apartment of its own at least, its personalized bungalow to keep it from the heavy strokes of rain and the burning whips of the sun, most especially to keep your lovely chicken safe. It is really very parental of you to give your fowl that touch of civilization by giving it a home, lovely home to call its own: a deserving chicken coop!

However building a chicken coop is not as big a chore as a nagging wife. Don’t think of inviting your full neighborhood to come and help you build a chicken coop, it is just a chicken coop you are building not a Noah Ark. In fact, you can simply build a befitting chicken hoop for your fowl in not more than five steps. The expanse of space you have outside is not of any consequence to the success of this lovely chicken coop we are about to build together. That resplendent chicken hoop that will get your chicken cackling in uttermost gratitude. And you at the human end, cackling too because the procedure was so easy!

1. Find out The Space You Need

Of course, before we start our project we have to critically consider what home we are building and for how many chickens in particular. Basically standard conventions of hygiene state that each of the chicken should be afforded a minimum of 4 ft². With this in mind we see that if we are looking to build a home for say 4 chickens, this translates into 16 ft². pertaining to the expanse the coop will adequately need. Having established this, you can see the non-negotiable importance of tailoring the plan you have (as to how big your coop should be) to the number of chicken, right? At least don’t get them congested all in one small coop, unless you are planning to have a meal of chicken every four hours. And if these chickens eventually die from being too cramped up, it is homicide for this chickens are as good as family. So it would make absolute sense you first structure out carefully the dimensions. Else you have got your hand stained with blood!

2.Plan Your Chicken Coops

Good now we know the number of chickens we want to house. we will now go back to the drawing board and plan again. It is not as rigorous planning as that you do when you want to woo that sparkling cheerleader back in high school, but you still need to gyrate your brains a bit. After all, what is the essence of the coop if your fowl can’t feel at home comfortably in it, or your fowl is at the mercy of fate or the conscience of your neighbor: being very much unsafe. Now you have to look at these things when you plan to structure your chicken coop. See also backyard chicken coop plans.

Chicken Coop Plan

A. We have to properly consider the materials for the building that will be a perfect fit

By convention, a lot of people who want to build chicken coops these days resort to chicken wire mesh for the coverage of the outer surface of the coop they are building. Now pertaining to the locks, you have to accede to the fact that chickens are among the masses lying bottom in the food table, they are not too far from the dining table, being a delicious diet for predators. So when you are building the locks, strictly ensure you make the selection of one that is not opened with generous ease. The coop is just for your chickens, so keep them grounded: no visitors! Especially those visitors with a growling stomach to fill.

B. How high will your coop be?

Actually, it is really helpful when the coop is quite raised from the ground, it is practically advisable that the coop is raised a minimum of 2 feet from ground level. The fact that the coop is raised from the ground will a long way in ensuring the dryness of the feet of your fowls. You will essentially find this helpful when the rains start coming in. And moreover raising the coop from the ground gives the chickens an extra edge of easy mobility and also keeping the fowls safe from those hungry prey-hunters out there, who impatiently wait to embrace the neck of your fowl with some violent canines.

C. These coops have to be adequately ventilated

Chicken are animals and just like their biological colleagues, they need a good meal of fresh air. Don’t forget these chicken are really vulnerable and may readily succumb to illness when the coop is not properly ventilated. You could bring in something like a window or possibly an aerating avenue like a vent. This would greatly improve the circulation of fresh air inside the coop. Of course, your chickens are going to enjoy this.

build chicken coop

D. You should get nesting boxes for your fowls

Of course, your chickens are not barren neither have they reached menopause. They lay eggs! So you have to keep a foresight out for where your chicken will be laying their eggs. It is advisable you keep this nest to a depth of say 4 inches; this will ensure the safety of the eggs. Chickens don’t do ante-natal, they lay eggs very readily sometimes even on a daily basis, so it is essential you make these nesting boxes as deep as possible,

E. When building the coop, it will help if you add an area for the chicken to sleep

If you really have an idea of how fowls sleep, you see they tend to perch more when sleeping. This is particularly owing to the fact that they are more comfortable in that position when taking their rest. So you must ensure that when you are building the coop, you should make reservations for a place for them to readily perch when they want to sleep. But make sure it doesn’t get too cramped at the end.

F.Lastly, the coop should be well insulated

Well, it may surprise you that the life span of your chicken is well associated with the insulation of the chicken coop, the better the ventilation of your coop, the longer your chickens may stay. Don’t forget also to consider the weather conditions that your chickens would be experiencing. Thus the insulating materials you will deploy should correspond to that.

3.Build Your Chicken Coop

Good we are through with the planning phase, hope it was not too brain racking? Moreover once in a while, good and durable things don’t come easily. Alright, so we are through with planning and the drawing board. It is time to go outside and fetch the resources we need to execute this project as well as the tools you will be finding helpful in course of the building exercise. So that is all. No big exhaustive procedures to strictly follow that will drain your time. So in case you had assembled your neighbors as you thought you will be building an auditorium rather than an easy frolicking chicken coop, you can now build them safely.

So all this while we have been analyzing and preparing for the major task of building our chicken coop, we have been strapping our boots for the race. And now in this exposition, this piece you just read; is the gun blast you need to begin: BUILD!!!

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