How Long Does It Take To Raise a Chicken For Meat And Eggs In Backyard

For many reasons, we raise chickens in backyard. It could be for meats and eggs, or for selling for money. No matter what the reason is, you must care about how long it takes to raise a chicken for meat and eggs in your backyard, so you can know whether the time investment is worth. I will reveal all the answer in this article today.

how long does it take to raise chickens for meat and eggs

How long does it take to raise chicken for chicken meat

Generally, a boiler chicken takes 12 weeks to fully grown up for meat. Although different chicken grows a different speed, but most of them can be served as meat within 2 months. That’s how long does it take for backyard chickens. Besides, the chickens in some chicken farms can be a different story. In this condition, chickens are slaughtered in about 6 weeks old and the chickens are fed with high protein diet and grown promoters. The chickens are about 4 pounds already when they are only 6 weeks. That’s the result of profit pursuing.

Obviously, the chicken raised in your backyard is healthier and better at nutrition. Although it takes longer to raise, and you can get delicious and healthy eggs at the same time. Chicken meats of your backyard chicken tastes better for most of the people, not everyone can tell the difference but most people does, especially who has been raised own chickens for long.

How long does it take to raise chicken for chicken eggs

raise chicken for eggsHow long does it take for chicken eggs? Most chickens will lay eggs at about 6 months old. The best time for eggs is 1-2 years and they are the best at it. All hens will lay small eggs at first, then larger eggs could be produced. Smaller chickens can lay one egg each 3 days and the older chickens at about 30 weeks can lay two eggs every 3 days. Some chickens may lay one egg a day, but that kind of “golden chicken” is rare to see.

Raise for meat or eggs

If you are looking for quick returns on chicken raising, raise chickens for meat is the best choice. The fast growing chicken breeds can be served for meat within 2 months; even gourmet meat breeds can be on the table in 12 weeks. On the contrary, raising chickens for eggs can take 6 months to produce the first egg. Not to mention it requires roosts, nest boxes and chicken house for winter. You even need to keep snakes away for your eggs.

So that’s all you need to learn on how long it takes to raise chickens for meat and eggs. Raising chickens on your own requires a lot of efforts and time. The raising time before harvesting is not short and you even need to build a chicken coop for them (check this article for how), but the healthy & delicious eggs and meats worth it all.

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