How to Keep Snakes Out of Chicken Coop

Snakes are a great threaten to chickens in the coop. Some snakes will eat the eggs, or even kill your chickens, that will cause you a great loss.  You don’t want you chickens be ruined by snakes, so it is time for you to learn how to keep those vicious hunters away. The earlier you take action, the less lose you will be caused.

Cover the Cracks

The snakes are not easy to keep away, since they can enter any holes larger than 0.25 inches. They can crawl over the fence or get through from any cracks on the door, floor or walls. So if you want to keep the snakes away, the first thing you should find out is how they get through your coops. So you should count all the cracks or holes that are over 1/4 inches and make sure they are all safe from snakes. After finding out the holes, the next thing to do is cover all “doors” snakes entered. In order keep the chicken coop fresh, so it is better to cover the holes with hardware cloth.

Clear the Mice

In most cases, snakes came into your chicken coops are not for chickens. Snakes prefer small animals like a mouse, so it is important to make sure there are no mouse in your chicken coop. They hurt your chicken because they are threatened or don’t feel save with chickens. You can raise a big cat to keep away the mice, and cat can also threaten other small animals and keep them away. In that case, the snakes don’t have a reason to come into your chicken coops.

Use Moth Balls

You may also put some moth balls around the coop, it also work. Make sure your chicken will not eat the balls since it can be toxic. You can use this methods with the cats, and it can work better together. The cost of moth ball is very cheap and you can try this methods if you can stand the smell of the balls.

Apply Snake Repellents

If you want a easier way to keep snakes away, you can try snake repellents. They are safer than moth balls since moth balls are more toxic for your chickens. And it doesn’t smells well in any case. You don’t even need to raise a cat if you are not fond of raising cats.  The snake repellents are safe for people, chickens and even plants. You just need to apply the repellents every 30 days and you will see snakes no more. For repellents, you can use this one and it works well on most of people. It is also rated 5 star by 50% of the customers.

Keep Snakes Out Of a Chicken Coop

Clean Up Your Coops

This is a do it yourself methods to keep snakes away. You should clear the stacks of wood, rock piles or other debris piled near your chicken coop. They will attract the snakes very easily. By cleaning up the nearby places, the risk of snakes will be highly reduced, and the snakes will lose their rooms to settle. So if you build a chicken coop, you should avoid too much wood around.

Collect Eggs Regularly

Still, this is another do it yourself methods to avoid snakes. Most of the cases, snakes are not targeting chickens directly since they are not able to swallow a whole chicken. The chicken eggs are very attractive to snakes, they are a delicious meal in their eyes. If you have clear up the mice, make sure you also collect eggs often. I will also reduce the visit of snakes.

In Conclusion

Now, you know snakes can be cleared out by many ways. Not each of them are 100% work, it depends on what snakes they are and how you manage them. Pick the ways that suit you best. If one of them do not work, change to another. Sometimes, you can use some methods together to make sure the snake has no way to come.

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